12 Barista Tips and Tricks – What All Barista Should Learn!

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Baristas are always looking to learn new tricks that will make them better at their job. The problem is, there’s so much information out there it can be hard to know what you should focus on.

That’s why we created this guide of barista tips that everyone needs to know in 2021! Let’s scroll down to discover!

Top 12 Coolest Barista Tips All Coffee Makers Should Know!

1. Grind Properly

A professional-grade grinder is necessary to create the perfect coffee cup. This process begins with grinding, which requires thorough attention and care to produce an excellent result that will fully complement your morning routine! 

To master the grinding technique, utilize a medium setting on the machine as well as pulsing between three seconds up 5 seconds at time intervals throughout this tedious task until fine enough particles have formed through repetitive efforts.

2. Wait To Change The Grind

It’s sometimes not easy to know when your grind is off. If you feel like something just doesn’t seem right with the timing, wait until after making at least one cup of coffee before changing anything else! 

This will give us enough information about what needs fixing in order for me to fix it accurately rather than guessing blindly.

3. Take Latte Art Slowly And Patiently

Learning latte art is a process, so start with a design that you are comfortable with, perfect it, and try new things. One of the popular choices for beginners is a heart design, so think about that when you start your career as a barista.

There is no such thing as perfect lattes, so allow yourself to take time in learning and improve latte art skills.

4. Keep Your Tools Close

Some of your most important tools are right at hand. The cups, tamper, and scales should all reside nearby so that they’re easy to use when making coffee beans or serving customers!

5. Keep The Hopper Full

If you want to make sure your grinder stays full at all times, then it needs an even distribution. 

It means the burrs won’t have as much weight on them, and this can lead to too many problems like slower brew speeds or faster gurgling noises from overflowing with grounds when brewing a larger quantity of coffee beans!

6. Heat The Cups

When you make an espresso, it’s essential to warm up the cup before serving. This drink will cool quickly without a hot mug in place and can be unpleasant for both customer service as well as your own taste buds!

Fill with water or use a steamer when required-it keeps them warmer longer, too, which is always better when enjoying something strong like caffeine from start to finish.

7. Learn How To Create A Microfoam

If you haven’t known microfoam before, well, it is a frothed milk foam produced by placing your steam wand’s tips close to but not touching an already existing layer on top. The barista then plunges it into more hot liquid so that you get this perfectly textured crema with just enough bite–and no lumps!

The first step to frothing milk is to get it cold. Next, fill a cold pitcher with about 1/3 full of cold milk only, because later the frothing volume will rise. If there is any excess water from the steam wand, remove it before you start. 

8. Cleanliness Is Important

Cleaning your espresso machine often is a crucial part of making great coffee. It’s not just about cleaning up after yourself, but also ensuring that the equipment doesn’t get dirty in between cleanings and starts tasting funny as soon as someone else tries to use it!

A quick once-through before breakfast or at night time will keep you happy with what’s coming out of those taps all day long – so give ’em an extra good rinse then.

9. Arrange Those Towels Neatly

As a barista, it’s important to have organized towels in order not to mess up your machine. Keep them separate by using different colors or textures for each task, and never mix them together! 

If you find yourself with busy morning customers who want their drinks asap, then one tip may be helpful- use mini memo books so that all orders are written down correctly without having any typos on paper at hand (since we know how much those can happen!)

10. Learn from your Mistakes

Learning and growing happen as a result of making mistakes. Accidents happen to the best baristas, but it’s essential to take those moments as a learning experience because we’ve all done this before! 

Spend time analyzing what went wrong so next time won’t be as much work or expensive for something minor like spilling that latte on yourself just finishing up at work.

11. Efficiency Tastes Great

Baristas are a breed of warriors, and their skills set them apart from others. They can mix up any drink you request with precision in the most adverse circumstances while also multitasking! The best one sets out ahead knowing what he needs beforehand, so there is no scrambling or distractions during peak hours at work.

The best espresso bars are designed with everything a barista needs in one place. As they need to make drinks quickly and easily, these cafes have an efficient layout that will allow you to move efficiently from pouring water into steaming cups of coffee without being distracted.

12. Don’t Settle

Don’t get stuck in an espresso rut! You’ll never reach your true coffee potential if you only make it taste like what most people think of when they say “coffee.” 

Experiment with different shots and brewing techniques to find the ones that work best for you, but always keep things tasty because nobody wants flat-tasting drinks.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to be a barista is not as hard as it seems. With the right tools and knowledge, you can make delicious lattes in no time! Our post has provided insightful barista tips that will help take your coffee game up a notch or two! 

We hope you can find it useful for your career. Thank you for reading. See you soon in the next series.

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