24 Best Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks You Couldn’t Overlook

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Starbucks built its reputation a long time ago. What makes the brand stand out is its beverages’ uniqueness like no other worldwide.  

What type of drink do you like most? A Decaf Latte or Decaf Pike Place Roast? 

Yet, are there any caffeine-free drinks available on Starbucks’ menu? Yes! What are the best caffeine-free Starbucks drinks?

We deeply understand the customers’ feelings by walking through their shoes before writing this post. We have a million reasons to captivate you to follow our imposing list for non-caffeine drinks.

Thus, chances are you can join in on the fun one more time. You aspire to something fruity and sweet without coffee, then they’ve got it all. 

Slide down, and we’ll pill the tea!

24 Best Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks (Ranked by Popularity)

Besides its popular classic coffees and teas, the chain also features a wide range of excellent non-caffeine options. Someday, you like to stay away from caffeine. Then we got you back with epic alternatives. 

Non-coffee drinks make a list that includes lemonade, juice, frappuccinos, hot chocolate, milk steamers, and tea. 

Slide down and look at every single non-coffee Starbucks drink.

1. Mint Majesty Herbal Tea

The first one on our list is a Starbucks herbal tea. It’s Mint Majesty that contains no caffeine whatsoever.

Alongside the far-out fresh minty flavors, what drops your jaw more is its lemony notes coming from a pinch of lemon verbena.

You can enjoy this awe-inspiring taste in a short (8 fl oz), a tall (12 fl oz), a grande (16 fl oz), or a venti (20 fl oz) cup.

In other words, this sweet tea is an optimal option with a couple of honey packets on the side. Why don’t you add it to your refreshing breakfast or lunchtime?

Of note, the Mint Majesty tea also has a low-calorie content. Even a big venti cup contains 0 calories, as seen on the Starbucks website. 

2. Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea

The Peach Tranquility is a pretty sweater compared to the herbal tea Mint Majesty. It’s the infusion of peach pieces, rosehip peels, candied pineapple pieces, lemon verbena, and chamomile.

While strong or original coffee may make you jittery, this soothing drink will be a great option in your me-time. It’s delicious and awesome as it sounds.

3. Iced Passion Tango Tea

Wanna have a cup of iced tea in Starbucks? Let’s go for the Iced Passion Tango Tea, also called hand-shaken with ice. 

Enjoying this tea means that you’re all set to feel the infusion of lemongrass, hibiscus, and apple. It will wholly refresh you in no time on a hot day. 

Moreover, it’s an intriguing non-caffeine version of those Pink Refreshers, whose caffeine varies between 35 to 90 mg per cup (tall to Trenta). 

If you require a heavy-cream and sugar-free syrup cup, you will get a keto iced drink that’s exceptionally flavorful.

4. Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

We prefer the Iced Passion Tango Tea with Lemonade since it is enhanced with citrusy freshness.

Keep in mind that its flavor is able to energize you pretty well, thanks to its adequate sugar amount inside.

Suppose you like to add a bit of zipping to the Iced Passion Tango Tea, the barista could hand-shake all the sweet flavors of Passion Tango with iced lemonade. Thus, you create a favorite caffeine-free Starbucks drink.

Overall, customizing this iced tea drink and making it your own is simple. Just replace the lemonade with other caffeine-free juices like apple, guava, and peach.

5. Iced Guava Passionfruit

If you adore a drink with an epic pink color, you need to look no further than the Iced Guava Passionfruit. 

This one comes up with guava-flavored juice. And then, it’s sweetened with pineapple ginger syrup. 

Overall, it’s just made from raw coconut milk like other classic drinks. Still, it’s famous under its name ‘’Pinkity Drinking’’.

Albeit unavailable on the official menu, you can get this one by adding coconut milk into a Strawberry Acai Refreshers Beverage. 

However, use the Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink instead of Strawberry Acai Refreshers Beverage for a non-caffeine pink drink. For explanation, the Strawberry Açaí Refreshers has up to 45 mg of caffeine in a grande serving.

6. Blended Strawberry Lemonade

Wanna lower your caffeine consumption? Last but not least, never overlook the Blended Strawberry Lemonade!

It’s a blend of iced lemonade and strawberry puree sauce. Thus, many drinkers find it somewhat similar to a Frappuccino. Indeed, Blended Strawberry Lemonade has a bit of Frappuccino creme base, making the beverage thinker at large.

Still, note that the Strawberry Frappuccino includes twice as many calories as Blended Strawberry Lemonade. In other words, this epic lemonade is definitely the one for you if you’re all set to drink something free-caffeine.

7. Lemonade

Order a classic Lemonade at Starbucks. Is this sentence so weird? No. This evergreen is present on the brand menu. That’s it! 

A classic lemonade could awaken your taste and relax your mind. It comes in a bit tangy and a whole lot fresh. Simple as it seems yet it’s able to improve your health better.

Thus, it’s non-debatable that it’s a recommendation in the store’s caffeine-free entries.

The good news for those who want to reset the tolerance by quitting caffeine, Iced Lemonade will tone you up mentally rapidly. It’s a true energizing drink. 

Almost find it exciting as there is an option for those who love the sour and sweet taste, while Starbucks’ products are likely to lean more towards the sweet. 

8. Caramel Apple Spice

Take a closer look at caramel apple spice. You can see a non-caffeine beverage made with cinnamon syrup and steamed apple juice. Besides, it’s topped with caramel drizzle and whipped cream as well. 

Each component has its specialty, leading to a tasty drink at the end. 

To anyone who’s captivated by a cozy hot Starbucks drink, The Caramel Apple Spice may blow your mind. 

9. White Hot Chocolate

At Starbucks, White Hot Chocolate is always a cup of hot chocolate with no caffeine content inside. 

This one is made with cocoa butter, which has unavailable caffeine inside. It’s different from dark chocolate because it contains lots of cocoa solids. That’s being said, the darker the chocolate, the more caffeinated it is. 

In particular, the Starbucks website has confirmed: a venti of hot chocolate has 35 mg of caffeine, a grande of hot chocolate contains 25 mg, a tall has 20 mg, and a short/kids cup of hot chocolate offers 15 mg of caffeine. 

By and large, the caffeine content in hot chocolate drinks is quite low.

Accordingly, White Hot Chocolate is a perfect fit for you if you want to stay away from coffee content. Meanwhile, a classic dark hot chocolate is a good low-on-caffeine drink. 

10. Cinnamon Dolce Crème

A plant-based milk beverage available in Starbucks’ menu is nothing else, is Cinnamon Dolce Creme. It could bring joy for you and will warm your heart, alongside its far-out taste.

This one is often made with foamed milk, 2% steamed, and great cinnamon dolce syrup. 

One more special secret of Cinnamon Dolce Creme, it doesn’t come in a short cup. Unlike other hot drinks on the brand’s menu, it just comes up with tall, grande, and venti available. 

Starbucks offers Cinnamon Dolce Creme with cinnamon dolce sprinkles and whipped cream on top, ending up with a unique sweet drink. 

11. Steamed Apple Juice

Steamed Apple Juice contains 100% natural apple juice. That’s it! No wonder that this Starbucks beverage contains no coffee at all. 

Drinkers value this one so much. Someone once commented: ‘’The perfection lies in simplicity.’’ Indeed, it is made of just one sole ingredient, yet its taste is like no other. 

12. Steamed Milk

We’ll provide another drink with no caffeine for you – the Steamed Milk. It’s the bomb, and it won’t add up to your coffee intake a whole new day.  

Furthermore, adding almond, whole milk, soy milk, a breve, or nonfat milk is up to you entirely. Just mix these components for your favorite.

If you notice a syrup you like out there, ask for a couple of pumps of it. It’s time to tweak the original beverage recipe the way you like! 

Therefore, feel free to craft your whole new drink yourself with flavors and toppings. 

13. Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème Frappuccino

To anyone keen on an entirely flavorful and sweet treat, Strawberry Funnel Cake Creme Frappuccino is something ideal. 

Overall, it appears with attractive looks and a thick texture. Moreover, it’s a popular non-caffeinated cold beverage at Starbucks. 

This drink mixes funnel cake syrup, milk, and strawberry sauce. It’s also topped off with strawberry drizzle, powdered sugar funnel cake topping, and whipped cream. In other words, it’s genuinely a full-calorie-dense and sweet drink.

So delicious and satisfying as it is, we bet you will love it in no time! But, be mindful that it’s ideal as an occasional treat on a hot summer day. 

Most importantly, it has 0 mg of coffee per serving. This frozen drink is good to go if you dislike jitters caused by strong coffee.

14. Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino

Almost all Frappuccinos in the Starbucks’ Creme line have no coffee component. In other words, these are non-caffeine at large. 

For evidence, Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino is caffeine-free completely. It’s a blend of ice, whole milk, and caramel syrup. Its top is covered with caramel drizzle, whipped cream, and a caramel crunch topping. 

Nonetheless, Chai Creme Frappuccinos and Match Green Tea are caffeinated. Beyond that, the Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino and Chocolate Cookie Crumble come in a bit caffeinated owing to their chocolate.

15. Vanilla Crème

Vanilla Crème says it has neither brewed coffee, espresso, nor even caffeine. 

It’s a yummy, delicious, sweet, and warm drink made with vanilla syrup, frothy steamed milk, and topped off with whipped cream. 

All in all, nothing is better than having a smooth and soothing Vanilla Creme in the cold weather. Your experience will be so different. 

16. Strawberry Frappuccino

The list of the best non-caffeine Starbucks drinks can not lack Strawberry Frappuccino. 

Also, one more option for Starbucks’ die-hard fans who indulge in Strawberry taste. Made with ice, creme frappuccino base, strawberry puree, and whole milk with whipped cream on top, no wonder its taste can freak you out. 

By far, it has been one of the best-sellers that never come out of Starbucks’ menu. 

17. Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino

If all you’re looking for is something made from vanilla bean powder without coffee, don’t skip the Creme Frappuccino blended beverages. 

Its vanilla flavoring, along with whipped cream’s excellence, will satisfy your senses at the first drinking. 

18. White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino

Another Frappuccino option is White Chocolate Creme Frappuccino, which has no caffeine content at large. 

If you’re aiming at a drink that isn’t entirely non-caffeinated, go for the Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino, which has 20 mg of caffeine in a venti cup. The coffee content is still minor. You could freely enjoy it at once.

19. Pistachio Crème Frappuccino

Almost all Frappuccino has espresso, coffee, mocha sauce, or dark chocolate inside. 

If you want to stay away from caffeine, skipping all these frappuccinos is fine, except the Pistachio Crème Frappuccino. It is an optimal choice for non-coffee drinkers. 

It’s a tasty blend of whole milk, ice, and pistachio syrup with salted brown-buttery topping and whipped cream.

20. Eggnog Crème Frappuccino

Are you eager to enjoy a seasonal drink now? You won’t feel low with rich eggnog made from ice, milk, and topped with a nutmeg sprinkle and whipped cream.

Other than that, the Eggnog Frappuccino is like a shake but not as creamy. Many often use crushed ice replacing ice cream to create the requisite thickness. 

In other words, the Eggnog Frappuccino is creamier than most Frappuccinos. You can also stir in its available whipped cream.

A frosty Eggnog will be great to help you stay awake all day long.  

21. Chestnut Praline Crème

Who says the Steamed milk can’t be festive? To be honest, the Chestnut Praline Creme looks like a cup of Christmas Carols! 

It’s the infusion of various spices, caramelized chestnuts, along topped-spiced praline crumbs and whipped cream. 

This drink excels in leveling up your feelings and experiences. The first taste it brings for you is its pleasant, sweet, and nut-flavored taste. In brief, it’s awesome!

22. Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

No wonder that Peppermint White Hot Chocolate is one of the most awesome flavor combinations. 

It’s called a holiday favorite made with steamed milk, white chocolate mocha sauce, and peppermint-flavored syrup. 

To take it up a notch on the sheer scale, Starbucks tops it with dark chocolate curls and sweetened whipped cream. 

23. Caramel Brulee Creme Frappuccino

Caramel Brulee Creme Frappuccino is an option that offers double the dessert’s value.

It’s a great blend of Caramel Brulee Sauce, ice, and milk with the topped-whipped cream and crunchy caramel. 

Making at home with your Starbucks copycat recipes is also fine if you couldn’t make it to the store. 

24. Evolution Fresh Juices

There is a wide range of fruit juices you could buy bottled at Starbucks. Every single one of them is caffeine-free.

Regarding the Evolution Fresh Juices, Starbucks launches it in four varieties: Super Greens, Orange, Sweet Berry, and Sweet Greens. These healthy juices at Starbucks will astound you with such cold-pressed juices.

Chances are, clients can try the amazing health benefits and vibrant flavor of the juice. That sounds great to enjoy the authentic flavor and nutrients.

Starbucks’ Secret Menu With 6 Caffeine-Free Drinks

It’s time to discover some of the secret drinks of Starbucks! They’re rarely shown in the brand’s main menu. Still, it doesn’t mean that they can be ordered. 

1. Peach Lemonade

Give it a try with a peach lemonade. It’s such a tart and sweet drink! Nothing is better than having a peach juice blend with lemonade in the cold weather.

2. Water & Strawberry Inclusions

For one who adores staying hydrated yet not just merely plain water, Starbucks offers strawberry inclusions. 

You will be passionate about freeze-dried strawberries at first sight.

3. Strawberry Lemonade

Another tasty drink comes on our list. To do this, mix the strawberry puree with lemonade. That’s so simple!

4. Iced Apple Juice

Steamed apple juice is something you can freely order with ice. Still, don’t confuse it with a cold apple juice!

5. Iced Strawberry Milk

If strawberry captivates you at all, try the iced strawberry milk. Starbucks creates this beverage by adding milk and strawberry puree. 

You’re right. Two ingredients shaken together over ice always sound fantastic. 

That’s a truly intriguing customized drink that no one can’t deny. 

6. Vanilla Milk

Like vanilla, you could make any flavored steamer with seeming ease with Starbucks syrups. 

For evidence, milk and vanilla syrup is a perfect blend. Hot or iced milk is wonderful. 

Tips For Ordering Non-Coffee Drinks

Far from mere non-coffee drinks, these have a slew of fun tips and tricks you should know when ordering. 

Decaf Has Caffeine

Decaf has 2 categories: Decaf coffee and decaf espresso. Still, be aware that both have some trace amounts of caffeine. There’s roughly 12 mg of decaf espresso for every shot and 25 mg in a grande-sized decaf coffee. 

Not to say that you’re able to customize your drink if you just like a half-caf one or decaf with a splash of typical coffee. Nothing tricky! 

Almost All Créme Frappuccinos Are Non-Caffeine

The créme line of Starbucks’ Frappuccinos, such as Strawberries Créme Frappuccino, contains a créme base with no coffee inside. 

However, bear in mind that matcha and chai Frappuccinos both have caffeine. 

Chocolate Has Caffeine

The caffeine amount in Chocolate is less than a cup of a coffee cup. If you could skip the caffeine in the treats like chocolate candy or bars, you will likely be just fine drinking a hot chocolate. 

White Chocolate Has No Caffeine

Different from typical chocolate, white chocolate doesn’t contain caffeine inside.

Refreshers Contain Caffeine

Pink Drink belongs to the Starbucks Refreshers lineup, made with green coffee extract. Each Refresher’s tall drink contains roughly 35 mg of caffeine.

Steamers Have No Caffeine Or Coffee

Steamers are somewhat similar to a latte without any espresso. That’s being said, the flavor options for lattes are also applied for steamers. Yet, steamers contain no caffeine whatsoever. 

Herbal Teas Contain No Caffeine

Two popular herbal teas of Starbucks are Peach Tranquility and Mint Majesty, coming with no caffeine inside. Yet all other teas, such as green and black teas, are caffeinated.


How Much Caffeine Is In Hot Chocolate At Starbucks?

A tall Starbucks hot chocolate contains 20 mn of caffeine. Meanwhile, a tall latte making an espresso shot has 75 mn of caffeine.

Is There Caffeine In Mocha?

Yes. Mocha is the infusion of chocolate and espresso, which have caffeine available. 

A tall Starbucks Mocha contains 95 mg of caffeine. 

Is There Caffeine In Decaf Coffee?

Yes. Decaf coffee isn’t entirely non-caffeine. A grand cup of Decaf coffee contains roughly 25 mg of caffeine.

Over To You

So, now that you have already grasped a priceless list of the 24 best caffeine-free Starbucks drinks. Once you enter the Starbucks store, you can switch things up by ordering freely. 

Other pivotal relevant information also encapsulates our short writing! You’ll easily cut the calories in your drink from now on. Adding sugar-free syrup or enjoying your beverages in line with the keto diet plan also does the trick. 

Perhaps, some ideas come to your mind for the next Starbucks order. For more discussion, please drop us a comment below. 

Almost 20 years already spent committed to coffee and more than 3 years of experience as a barista at Starbucks. Madelyn Doyle graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Science from the University of California and finished the Coffee Skills Program at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).