Can You Drink Black Coffee While Fasting? – The Truth Reveals!

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Can you drink black coffee while fasting? This is quite a common question when one starts planning on losing weight, going on a new diet, or having an impending wellness checkup.

Acquiring this necessity, we would like to give you a more detailed insight on black coffee and how it affects your intermittent fasting so you can clear up the problem yourself. 

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Can You Drink Black Coffee While Fasting?

The short answer is Yes! You can drink a cup of morning coffee provided that it does not contain calories. This means you should drink black coffee because brewed one is fat-free and almost no-calorie, which would not disrupt your diet.

What screws up your fast is all the coffee flavors and add-ins, including large amounts of fat and calories. So if you drink black coffee, you will not consume those variations and keep up with your fast.

The USDA has estimated that a cup of ordinary black coffee has only two to five calories per cup, but when you drink it with milk, sugar, or cream, the figure can rise to around 16-100 calories. 

While coffee might help suppress your appetite, remember to drink it black to limit the calorie intake to a minimum. Theoretically, the more calories you take in, the harder your body has to burn them, which means it can not absorb your fat cell’s glucose. As a result, fast breaks down.

So always remember to drink it black. All coffee addicts can now exhale a sigh of relief as drinking zero-calorie or low-calorie beverages in moderation will not shatter your fast. Black coffee and black, green, or herbal teas are all OK if they are not flavored.

Can Black Coffee Enhance The Effects Of Intermittent Fasting?

It is reasonable to question if coffee may offer you an extra boost when fasting because it helps you feel energized. The problem is that there is no data to either support or refute this theory, making it difficult for specialists to determine one way or the other.

However, according to RD of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy – Scott Keatley, coffee is unlikely to encourage your weight loss. 

Though brewed coffee can help raise your metabolic rate by 3 to 4%, it makes your body operate much slower. In essence, drinking black coffee does not provide you with any additional benefits.

On the other hand, there are some benefits of intermittent fasting with coffee as well. 

Firstly, drinking coffee during a diet may help decrease oxidative stress and inflammation in your body if you are experiencing severe aches and pains, black coffee while intermittent fasting can be a great way to reduce inflammation and feel more at ease.

What’s more, it is also conceivable that consuming coffee regularly while fasting may lower your risk of death from stroke and heart disease. Many studies have shown that people who consume a moderate amount of coffee daily stand a lower risk of heart failure by up to 30%.

What To Avoid While Having Black Coffee During Fasting?

Though a moderate amount of black coffee might cause no harm to your fasting, always bear this in mind while having coffee during your fast.

Firstly, drinking coffee on the empty stomach may harm your gut, aggravate heartburn, and irritable bowel symptoms. Moreover, it can also worsen your anxiety and cause you to be impatient and unable to concentrate.

They are not the only risk. When you drink coffee to begin the morning, you may experience jitters, tremors, and other cravings, such as mood swings.

However, some individuals drink coffee on an empty stomach for years but still suffer no problem. If you are luckily one of them, then stay at ease and keep on your coffee routine! 

But for the rest, you had better have your morning joe after a healthy breakfast, or at least a light snack so your tummy will not get rumbling. Do not forget to cut off sugar, cream, milk, and other buzzy add-ins like MCT oil or collagen powder since each serving contains a very high rate of calories.

If you can’t stand black coffee, the following suggestions may help you get your caffeine fix without breaking your fast.

  • Splenda or other types of low-calorie sweeteners.
  • A smidgen of cinnamon.
  • A speck of nutmeg.
  • A little bit of cocoa.


Can you drink black coffee when fasting for a blood test?

Coffee can affect your blood test result, even if you drink it black. The amount of caffeine and soluble plant matter in coffee would interfere with your digestion and blood. Therefore don’t consume coffee before a fasting blood test. 

What can you put in black coffee while fasting?

While fasting, adding a tiny amount of butter or cream to your coffee is OK. Still, sugar, sweetened cream, or artificial sweeteners should be avoided since they can trigger insulin sensitivity. 

Can I drink coffee on the keto diet?

The good news is that you can consume black coffee on your keto diet. While the keto diet requires minimizing the amount of carbohydrates intake, brewed coffee is low in carbs, so that you can have a moderate amount of black coffee daily.

Yet, always remember to add no sugar or other artificial sweeteners to your coffee as it will screw up your ketosis as well as your fast.

Final Words

Hopefully, our article has helped you gain more insights on the topic – Can you drink black coffee while fasting? 

Some cases may require you to adhere strictly to the rules and consume no caffeine, but you can regularly have a moderate amount of coffee in most situations. The coffee flavors and add-ins break down your fasting, so try to avoid these artificials for the best result!

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