Coconut Oil In Coffee – 10 Health Benefits You Didn’t Expect

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Since when has adding coconut oil in everything become such a prevailing bandwagon? Well, before seeing this trend as simply weird, odd stuff people create while they have nothing to do, you may need a double-thinking looking at its incredible pros.

But does it offer the same aid as being in your favorite beverage every hectic morning? Check out our post on why you should put coconut oil in coffee to figure out the truth behind it!

10 Reasons To Add Coconut Oil To Your Coffee

Too many rumors bother you making up your mind? These ten reasons why putting coconut oil in coffee is beneficial may help somehow!

1. Boost Your Energy

Sure, coffee itself has enough power to wake up your energy. But for those who frequently work with high intensity, the addition of coconut oil as a heat generation aid has the potential to get all your tasks done even more effectively than you could ever expect!

2. Immune Booster

Is it hard to believe that by merely putting something in your beverage, all of a sudden, this drink turns healthy for your immune system? 

You can underrate this saying if you want. But here is the truth: There is an acid called Lauric, a super advantageous fat found in human breast milk. With its backup in your drink, common germs and bacteria can no longer be a threat in the long run.

3. Improve Bowel Movement

Aside from immune booster, coconut oil is also potent in enhancing bowel movement. 

Guess what? With such an amazing combination of caffeine and chlorogenic acids in this mixture, you will be able to strengthen your digestive system without using any cordial!

4. Increase Metabolism

Both coffee and coconut oil contain Medium Chain Triglycerides, a substance offering great assistance in encouraging metabolism. As a result, this concoction will only empower conversion activities in your body, not lessen them.

5. Aids In The Control Of Blood Sugar Levels

Little do you know, coconut oil is extremely easy to absorb, so there’s no need to have insulin pushing it into your body. And as a matter of course, you will get nothing to wonder whether your blood sugar levels will strike abruptly or not!

What’s more, coffee also possesses the capacity to minimize the risks of suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Now, this association starts to make more sense.

6. Strengthen Your Teeth

We’ve all heard about how coffee can yellow and damage your teeth. It’s indeed a fact we can no way deny. But here is a thing: this occurrence will only be risky without the presence of coconut oil.

By saying that, we mean the addition can play a wonderful role in helping improve your oral issues, ranging from cavities to gingivitis, thanks to its highly salutary antibacterial properties!

7. Assists In The Maintenance Of A Healthy Heart

Perhaps not acting as the main part, but coconut oil does have its value in keeping your heart safe and sound anyhow. 

Much research has carried out the truth of its usage on mitigating the danger of high blood pressure and boosting numerous gainful cholesterol and HDL in your health system.

8. May Improve Brain Function

Coffee’s appeal lies in the point that it can make us heed the happening immediately, also known as the ability to increase our alertness. On the other hand, coconut oil enables us to regain a marvelous store of energy and memory loss. 

Thus, a joint coffee in such a case will be no other way rather than become a powerhouse for your brain function! 

9. It’s Tasty!

Well, it cannot be argued that everyone has their own appetite. That’s why we can’t say anything if you have tasted this variant beverage and assume it is just too terrible to be worth giving another chance. 

Yet, if you merely hear rumors flying around and become hesitant to try once, we highly recommend you to rethink twice! 

Not only can this combination leave you a strong impression due to its unique touch but it can also offer a mellower sip for those who do not much prefer the robust taste of coffee. 

Plus, it goes with whatever variation you want! Give this concoction a try, and we’re sure it will be another intriguing experience you may have!

10. It Contains Fat That Helps You Lose Weight

You may ponder in what way you can put coconut oil in your coffee aid in losing weight? Sure, this may sound implausible at first, but it does help, actually! 

Gone are the days people insist on removing any fat as a bluff to avoid gaining weight. With such huge storage of credible scientific evidence in this age of modernity, we can do far better than that! 

Things go the same way in this case of MCTs in coconut oil, which is not fat that makes you fat. But how can we tell the differences between it and the others? 

In short, MCTs are the ones that our body can absorb and process faster than any long-chain fatty acids, so they won’t have time to accumulate in fat cells.

That’s also why many women have incorporated oil, one of the most abundant sources of MCTs, in their daily diet to achieve a successful weight-loss procedure!

Drawbacks When Adding Coconut Oil To Your Coffee

Still, is it true that putting coconut oil in coffee is utterly flawless? We must say not really. Everything has its weakness unless you do it right. 

Missing tons of nutrients would be the first to come if you take a stand on having this customizable kind of coffee rather than a healthful breakfast. 

Here is how it works: For example, fish is good for your strength and fitness. Yet, can you not eat anything but such kind of food for the rest of your life and so far maintain a clean bill? Of course not!

The same result will appear in the case of adding coconut oil to your beverage and drinking it every day in place of scrambled eggs and toast for the morning.

So the lesson learned here is that even the most wholesome nourishment can easily turn into the risky ones if you overuse it constantly. 

Then what else can you do to handle these defects? Scroll down to check out the recommended amount of this natural oil to use in your drink for more optimal outcomes!

How Much Coconut Oil In Coffee Should You Have?

Being a newbie who has no idea how it will work is not that bad. In such a case, a tablespoon equivalent to 14 grams would be the best first bet to reckon on if you would like to keep track of this addiction gradually. 

For extra reassurance, some people even pick up the more secure approach to mix this oil-based dosage with coffee in a blender. And there you have it: a delectable tropical treat for a healthy, friendly get-together!

How about you “two” have already got along with each other well enough and now would like to elevate this tie-in a bit higher? Then a forward movement with two tablespoons is what you should go for.

Granting all this, many sources have even attested the defectlessness of this access in getting into and prolonging ketosis. 

Yet, keep in mind that any blossoming achievement needs time to complete. So don’t rush to use too much in a short period of time. 

Otherwise, it might trigger nausea and laxative-like symptoms, especially with those who currently are carrying on a low- to moderate-fat diet.

Coconut Oil In Coffee Recipe

Coffee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is our close-knit buddy for such a hectic day but without much energy to utilize. Nevertheless, much like medication, it soon becomes numb to us if we keep having it uncontrollably. 

Though, don’t be in a hurry to worry! Isn’t the solution right in front of you? Yes, we’re all now thinking of coconut oil, a tremendous supporter that can not only lift up your joe but also help boost your strong arm for a day!


  • 1 cup coffee, made to your preference.
  • Coconut oil, 1 tablespoon or more up to your choice.
  • Unsalted butter, a slice (optional).
  • Milk and honey (optional).
  • Ice (optional).

How to do

  • Pour the oil into the cup’s bottom.
  • Pour in some hot coffee.
  • Stir thoroughly before serving or blending the brewed coffee, coconut oil, butter, and any additional flavorings for about 20 seconds in a blender to get the better party!

Guess what? It can even have various ways to get you a tasteful cup of coffee, delighting your appetite at any moment. Below are a few that you should refer to:

Aside from a traditional shot, the first pick will be a refreshing drink to cool off the hot air in the summer. Simply by adding ice into the glass, you can transform a heated cup of coffee into an iced coconut.

Ice blended drinks are also an equally fantastic option. However, to avoid thickening the oil in the coffee, make sure you use a reliable blender.

It’s also prevalent and clear-cut to include butter or other aromas you want. Or else, just by a cup of hot coffee handy mixed with a table of coconut oil, you can already reward yourself with a fruitful day!

Top Tips For Making This Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe

Do you want to spice up your drink to a whole new height with coconut oil? We’ve got a few hints for you!

  • Get bored of the same bare coffee every single day? Nothing could help you more than some mild dressings such as cayenne or cinnamon! 

In this way, not only can you have another extra taste for the day but also not to worry if there’s something strange going to ruin it. 

  • Because it’s greatly straightforward to customize a coconut oil-based coffee, you are free to design it whatever way you want without fearing any change in terms of flavor. 

That’s why sugar, maple syrup, honey, or stevia will be our next suggestions for sweet tooth options!

  • What’s more, pure, cold-pressed, and unrefined coconut oil would be the best choice if you desire to have a tiptop hot cup to please your palate.

Should You Try Putting Coconut Oil In Coffee?

Putting coconut oil is straight out to be the customization you should give a shot with your beverage. 

As you can see, it’s healthy, harmless and moreover, appetizing! Especially, you can even tie it up with your keto diet to gain the top-notch effective result. Then what else can stop you from heading forward?

However, for those who are allergic to this ingredient or have any kind of sensitive illness, remember to confirm with your doctor to be sure nothing’s wrong will happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coconut Oil In Coffee Genuinely Advantageous For Weight Loss?

Indeed, yes! Since it plays a terrific role as a metabolism booster, it can also be a gourmet caterer aiding your calorie-burning process.

However, be alert! Only having it in the form of assistance is pretty much adequate for what you should do, not overrating it as the main meal daily.

Does Coconut Oil Dissolve In Coffee?

As for your concern, its dissolution is positively fine. Simply by stirring over it underneath the hot heat, you are ready to have the most delicious payoff to enjoy! 

But what if your drink doesn’t have enough boiling temperature? It can still mix in whatsoever! 

Is It Good To Drink Coffee In The Morning?

A warm cup of coffee undoubtedly is a perfect choice assisting you in starting a new day with greater concentration and energy in such a sluggish morning. 

Though it is not to say that you should have it right at any moment, you feel less focused. Due to the rich amount of caffeine intake in coffee, it’s better to limit yourself to a few cups each day.  

In A Nutshell

Now we’ve known coconut oil is a favorable bonus present in most healthful diets for a reason. Also, it’s even more amazing when this nutrient goes well with your favorite beverage for the day.

Hopefully, our post on why you should put coconut oil in coffee will be helpful to you somehow. See you then!

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