What Is The Best Coffee Maker Under $50?

The best coffee maker under 50 dollars is an ideal option for those who need a fast coffee cup and don’t want to spend much on a coffee machine. However, you will need to consider many things as there are various products out there. 

Some are great, yet others can be disappointing. To help you choose a suitable product, we have compiled a list of great coffee makers under $50 bucks for your consideration. 

Of which, we prize the CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker as the winner for its exceptional performance. It stands out with its flexibility to adapt both coffee pods and coffee grounds to prepare tasty coffee. 

Besides, it is quite simple to use, so that you don’t need to spend much time learning how to use it. Especially, there are four brew options for you to select for your favorite coffee, which is quite convenient.

Are you eager to know? Still, before we dive into our complete reviews, please look at the following buying guide to learn about some important factors that make a coffee maker worth an investment.

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What Is The Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollars?

Here are our best coffee maker under 50 dollars reviews with detailed key features for your consideration.

1. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker – Best Overall


  • Material: Plastic housing + stainless steel inside the water reservoir
  • Color: Black, Blue, Cyan, Gray, Green, Orange, Red
  • Capacity: 12 oz
  • Item weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Dimension: 7.4 x 4.3 x 9.06 inches

We consider the CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker as our winner for its great performance in every field. As its name suggests, it comes with a compact design that can service just a cup of coffee at once. 

It is an ideal option for single persons, couples, or small households. You will like it as it allows you to take away the drip tray for easy cleaning or extend the space to fit a larger coffee cup. 

Moreover, its attractive design is flexible to adapt either coffee pods or coffee grounds to make a yummy cup of coffee. Also, it comes with a simple-to-use single-on/off mode, so you don’t need to spend much time trying to assemble it.

The tank of this automatic drip coffee maker is easy to fill without any hassle, avoiding overfilling on the kitchen countertop. With a removable filter equipped with the machine, the grounds will be kept away from the coffee, making it easier to clean.

Furthermore, if you live in an area with hard water, this machine might be right for you. It features a single button descaling function to deal with limestone buildup, ensuring your coffee tastes fresh.

You can also rest assured to use this coffee maker as it’s made of food-grade materials and BPA-free plastic. The CHULUX coffee machine boasts an 800W heating element with a fast brew mechanism regarding the brew temperature. 

Thus, you can quickly obtain hot water for your coffee. This budget coffee maker can get your favorite coffee ready within just three minutes. Nevertheless, you will need to measure the level of water you pour inside since there is no translucent window.


  • Available for both ground coffee and coffee pods
  • Single on/off function
  • Removable filter to keep the grounds away
  • BPA-free and food-grade materials
  • 800W heating element


  • No translucent window

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2. Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker – Best For Warm Heater


  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 60 oz
  • Item weight: 0.9 lbs
  • Dimension: 11.03 x 8.19 x 15.15 inches

The Hamilton Beach 48464 Coffee Maker deserves the runner-up position for its outstanding warm heater. Accordingly, the machine can keep your coffee fresh and warm for up to four hours. 

It can work without a heating plate or a carafe, so coffee will not scorch or burn. With the Hamilton coffee maker, you will not worry about your coffee becoming cold after hours.

This suggestion also stands out for its ultimate brewing control with four brewing methods, including iced brew, bold, regular, and 1-4 cups for small batches. It can provide up to 12 cups of coffee at a cup-a-minute rate whenever you simply press its dispensing bar.

We also love its easy dispensing without a carafe. You will never have to deal with breaking, spilling, or cleaning baked-on stains, and burnt coffee flavor ever again.

With this machine, you can have a freshly-brewed cup of coffee ready for you to enjoy whenever you want, due to the machine’s 24-hour programmability. This feature allows you to set up the brewing time in advance the night before.

The programmable coffee maker also stands out with its auto-off mode. Thus, if you leave it idle, the machine can automatically turn off to save energy. You will love its ease of cleaning, thanks to detachable internal tanks and brew baskets.

However, we found that this machine comes with a flimsy lid.


  • Able to keep your coffee fresh and warm
  • Four brewing options
  • Provide 12 cups of coffee at a cup-a-minute rate
  • Easy dispensing without a carafe
  • Auto-off mode


  • Flimsy lid

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3. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker – Best For Ease Of Use


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 60 oz
  • Item weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Dimension: 12.3 x 11.76 x 13.8 inches

If you are new to coffee brewing, the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker is right for you. All you need to do is to set it up, turn it on and start brewing. There you have your coffee with a rich taste.

Plus, you will love its auto-pause mode that allows you to enjoy your coffee before the process is finished. Besides the simplicity of use, the machine is also effortless to clean. Thanks to its removable filter basket and tank, you can clean it fast like a breeze.

What also makes this coffee maker different from others is a dual water window, giving a clear water view while filling to avoid overflowing. And with a compact design of 12.3 x 11.76 x 13.8 inches, it is a perfect match for your modest space.

Besides, the machine features easy cord storage to eliminate counter clutter. However, it would be better to have an auto-shutoff mode like the Hamilton coffee maker mentioned above.


  • Easy to use
  • Auto pause mode
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual water window
  • Compact design
  • Easy cord storage


  • No auto shut-off mode

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4. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker – Best For Compact Design


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 14 oz
  • Item weight: 5.25 lbs
  • Dimension: 8.35 x 6.7 x 8.67 inches

The next position belongs to the Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker for its compact design for small spaces. It can be a great addition to your modest kitchen, thanks to a dimension of only 8.35 x 6.7 x 8.67 inches.

The machine also stands out with superb fast brewing. Particularly, it can brew an 8 oz cup of coffee in under 90 seconds and a 14 oz travel mug in less than 2.5 minutes.

The Hamilton Beach Scoop coffee maker has a mesh scoop filter so that you can use it to make coffee with your favorite bean grounds. Also, you will not need to press any power button to turn it off after brewing as the machine features an automatic shutoff mode.

You will love this machine as it can help you make a single-serve coffee cup to your liking with bold or regular options. The coffee machine outweighs other products for its durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction.

We were also impressed with its ability to adjust the cup size. You only need to adjust an L-shaped cup rest before brewing to ensure your cup of coffee is close to its dispensing nozzle. 

For coffee travel mugs, it is necessary to fit the cup rest against the machine before putting it on the top of the drip plate. That said, we found that this coffee maker’s tank sometimes leaks.


  • Superb fast brewing
  • Mesh scoop filter
  • Automatic shutoff mode.
  • High durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable cup size


  • Leak tank

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5. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker – Best For Technology


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Capacity: 96 oz
  • Item weight: 4 lbs
  • Dimension: 8 x 11 x 11.5 inches

The Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker wins our hearts thanks to its various technologies. It stands out with exclusive QuickTouch Programming. 

Accordingly, irrespective of how groggy you are when waking up, you can easily find big and clearly marked buttons to control the machine’s function.

There is also a sneak-a-cup mode to temporarily stop the coffee flow so that you can have a cup of coffee to enjoy before the brewing ends. Moreover, you can set up the brewing time in advance the night before with its 24-hour programmable auto-brewing function. 

There is also an auto-off feature to automatically turn the machine off when it does not work. You will also like its LCD digital screen with a fresh brew timer to show how much time passes since the final coffee was brewed within up to 120 minutes.

The coffee maker also stands out with a special Evenstream showerhead to evenly dispense water over the coffee, wasting less and extracting the best flavor. The only downside is its low durability due to plastic materials.


  • High technology
  • Sneak-a-Cup mode
  • 24-hour programmable auto-brewing function
  • LCD digital screen
  • Special Evenstream showerhead


  • Low durability

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6. Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker – Best For Fast Brewing


  • Material: Stainless steel, Rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 13.92 oz
  • Item weight: 2.59 lbs
  • Dimension: 14 x 7.6 x 5.6 inches

If you seek a portable coffee maker with a fast brewing operation, the Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker might be your answer. It stands out with a fast brewing time. It even beats the Hamilton Beach Scoop with the brewing time of only 30 seconds for a 14oz travel mug.

The machine also comes with a narrow and tall design of 14 x 7.6 x 5.6 inches, which is a great idea for modest space. This single-serve coffee maker can fit most 14 oz coffee mugs, suitable for frequent morning commuters and travelers.

Moreover, with a special one-touch operation, you can brew your cup of coffee consistently at an optimal temperature. It also includes a reusable filter to use with coffee grounds or loose-leaf tea. 

It can prevent mineral buildup by the application of a self-cleaning mechanism. The only downside of this machine is that it doesn’t keep the coffee warm for as long as it should.


  • Fast brewing operation
  • Compact design
  • Special one-touch operation
  • Prevent mineral buildup
  • Self-cleaning mechanism


  • Unable to keep coffee warm

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7. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker – Runner-Up For Compact Design


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 20 oz
  • Item weight: 3.25 lbs
  • Dimension: 10 x 8 x 5.25 inches

The Cuisinart DCC-450BK is another choice for you if you have a tight space for a coffee maker. The machine comes with a dimension of 10 x 8 x 5.25 inches, small yet effective enough to utilize for a small family. 

However, it does not sacrifice the standard features of a perfect coffee maker. You can still make small amounts of flavorful and fresh coffee simply with this suggestion. The machine also boasts an auto-off mode so that you will not need to worry about leaving in a hurry. 

We also like its 4-cup stainless steel carafe crafted with a drip-resistant pour spout and a knuckle guard for optimal convenience. Besides, its brew-pause feature also allows you to enjoy your coffee before the brewing process is finished. 

You will also save much energy with this machine as it only consumes 500W while other products regularly use around 900W. That said, it cannot keep your coffee hot for a long time.


  • Portable design
  • Auto-off mode
  • 4-cup stainless steel carafe
  • Brew-pause function
  • Energy efficient


  • Unable to keep your coffee hot

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8. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker – Best For Durability


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 25 oz
  • Item weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Dimension: 9.75 x 7.25 x 10.75 inches

We cannot forget to mention the Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker on our list. The machine stands out for its high durability, thanks to its exclusive materials. Particularly, it comes with a reinforced Duralife glass carafe designed to last. 

This material can help the machine have better resistance to heat than other products. Moreover, the carafe tray can keep your coffee hot for an hour after brewing.

There are also robust handles and level markings to add to the machine’s dependability and usefulness. You will like this coffee maker as it comes with detachable components, making it easy to clean.

There is also a dishwasher-safe clean filter basket compatible with any basket-style paper filter. Any cons? We have to say Yes. This machine can take you longer than other options to brew coffee. It might not be an ideal choice for busy people in the morning.


  • High durability
  • Reinforced Duralife glass carafe
  • Able to keep your coffee hot for an
  • Robust handle and level markings
  • Easy to clean


  • Slow brewing time

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9. Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew Coffee Maker – Best For Convenience


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 25 oz
  • Item weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Dimension: 9.2 x 7.1 x 11.6 inches

The Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew is one of the best cheap coffee makers for its convenience. Its programmable features add essential convenience to brewing rich-tasting cups of coffee. 

Accordingly, you can choose your favorite brewing option Delay Brew to get your coffee whenever you want. Thanks to its auto-pause feature, you can grab an aromatic coffee cup even when the process is not finished. 

If you are regularly in a hurry to leave, it will be a good partner for you. As it features a one-hour auto-off mode, it can automatically turn off when it doesn’t work so that you can leave your house without pressing any button after brewing.

This suggestion is also developed for coffee fans who want both style and functionality. It is a great decorative addition to your kitchen counter with its modern silver-black color and a compact design of only 10.63 x 5.71 x 8.7 inches in dimension.

However, the coating on the heating element its carafe sits on sometimes flakes off.


  • Highly convenient
  • Multiple brew options
  • Auto pause feature
  • One-hour auto-off mode
  • Compact design


  • Poor coating

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10. Mueller Ultimate Single Serve Coffee Maker – Runner Up For Brewing Time


  • Material: MU-CM10
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 5 oz
  • Item weight: 3.47 lbs
  • Dimension: 10.75 x 10.2 x 6.46 inches

Our last pick is the Mueller Ultimate Single Serve Coffee Maker. It is another excellent fast-brewing machine that can deliver a great coffee cup within only three minutes. Thus, you can quickly enjoy your favorite coffee in the morning or any time you want.

This budget coffee maker also stands out with a compact design that can easily fit into tight and narrow spots. You will love it as it is compatible with every single cup from 1.0 to 2.0 coffee capsules. 

It is imperative to come with Schaffhauser coffee pods like Lungo Dolcetto and Crema Forte for the greatest tasting coffee and superb quality. With a detachable drip plate, you can easily clean the machine and make yummy coffee without any hassle.

Besides, its unique one-touch button also makes it so convenient. All you need to do is just press the button, turn it on, and brew. The machine also has an auto-off mode to automatically turn off after brewing.

However, the only thing that undermines the machine’s performance is that it cannot keep it warm after brewing.


  • Fast brewing
  • Compact design
  • Detachable drip plate
  • One-touch button
  • Auto-off mode


  • Unable to keep coffee warm

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Coffee Maker Types

Drip Coffee Makers

This kind of coffee machine is the most widely used coffee machine with an automatic drip mechanism. It can brew coffee within five to six minutes. 

You can add water to its tank, then add coffee to the filter, turn it on to heat the water, and then run it through the coffee ground into the pot of coffee.

Single-Serve Pod Coffee Makers

They use capsules, tea bag-like packages, and pods to brew coffee. However, they come at higher prices than other machines as they utilize special refills and unrecyclable plastic pods.

Cold-Brew Coffee Makers

These coffee makers utilize cold or room temperature water to make concentrated coffee; you can dilute with cold or hot coffee, relying on your preference. 

Manual cold brew machines can brew coffee on a kitchen counter or in a fridge for 12-24 hours while automatic machines brew coffee for a shorter time of 4-45 minutes.

Criteria To Consider While Choosing A Coffee Maker

This section will explain the types of coffee makers and critical factors to consider when buying a coffee machine.

Settings Number 

As the coffee makers under 50 dollars are quite affordable, most of them come with fewer settings than other higher-end models. Some machines come with various settings like the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with 1-4 cups, and regular and bold options.


The size of a coffee maker is a critical feature to look at as it can affect where you place it. Some models are compact and slim, while others are bulky and oversized.

A compact coffee machine is effortless to put on fridges and shelves, but if your kitchen counter has enough room, a chunky model is alright.

Cups Quantity

This factor will depend on how many coffee lovers you need to make for. If you only need to prepare yourself, a single-serve machine like the CHULUX Single Cup is enough. 

Meanwhile, if you have to make coffee for many people, a larger machine that can handle up to 12 cups of coffee is a great idea.

Hopper Capacity

Many hoppers in the coffee makers carry in the range of 3-4 lbs of coffee beans. It’s unlikely that you can find a machine under 50 dollars with a hopper as it is more bespoke. So it’s best to look through single-serve or small-capacity coffee machines to save more money.

Power Consumption

The power efficiency of the coffee makers is important as it can affect your electricity bill every month. It is imperative to check if the coffee maker in question comes with an auto-off function or not. 

It can help you save energy whenever you rush to leave your house without pressing any button.

How To Brew Coffee With A Coffee Maker Properly?

Whether your coffee is good or not depends on how you use the coffee maker. We will show you several tips to make a cup of coffee successfully as follows:

  • Use the proper coffee ground’s coarseness. The power used for the coffee machine needs a medium grinding level to deliver the best taste.
  • Utilize an adequate amount of coffee grounds. Both too little or too many ingredients are not good. Thus, you had better consult the instructions for the right amount of coffee for brewing.
  • Ensure you are accustomed to every part of the machine. In case you clean it and remove the parts, you know how to re-attach them to their original position to avoid losing anything.
  • Clean up the machine frequently after brewing. It can work more effectively and last for a longer time if you take care of it well.

Advantages When Buying A Coffee Maker Under $50

What makes coffee makers under 50 dollars different from others? Why should we purchase it instead of other options? The following advantages will explain to you!

  • Reasonable Price: With only 50 dollars, you can have a coffee machine with enough standard functions to make a delicious cup of coffee without breaking your bank account.
  • Convenience: It is very enjoyable to make a coffee cup by yourself and enjoy it comfortably whenever you want. With a coffee maker under 50 dollars, you can quickly get your coffee with simple steps.
  • Simple Operation: In fact, you will just need some simple functions to start your machine or turn it off. Most of these cheap coffee makers are simple to use to not have any difficulties operating them.

FAQs Of Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollars

1. Are budget coffee makers safe to use?

Yes, these affordable coffee makers are generally safe to use, especially when you keep them properly, like regularly cleaning after every brewing. However, look for those that are made of glass or stainless steel since they’re safer than plastic-made coffee makers.

2. Are entry-level coffee makers harder to clean?

No, they are not. They often come with removable components so that you can find no difficulty in detaching them for cleaning. However, using water is not enough to thoroughly clean the coffee maker. You need to use white vinegar to remove the mineral buildup and sanitize your coffee machine.

3. How much coffee do I use for four cups?

If you want to make four coffee cups, you need to prepare four scoops of coffee ground or eight tablespoons. If you want bold coffee, you can use ten tablespoons to make four delicious coffee cups by yourself.

4. How many ounces in a 12 cup coffee maker?

Generally, a 12-cup coffee machine is about 60 oz of liquid or merely seven cups of coffee.

5. Do I need an expensive coffee maker?

It depends on your requirements. If you want a quick coffee without any mess, getting a pricey coffee machine can be a waste of money and time. 

That said, if you want to play with various features of coffee machines, you can get an expensive model with various settings.

6. Can the coffee maker go in the garbage?

Coffee makers are not trash. They should be disposed of properly. Coffee makers, like any other appliance, can last a long time if they are well maintained.

However, at some point, they will need to be replaced. When this happens, it is important to dispose of your coffee maker properly.

7. Is a descaling solution better than vinegar?

Descaling solutions are designed to remove built-up minerals from your coffee maker, while vinegar is an acidic liquid that can also clean your coffee maker. However, descaling solutions are generally considered to be more effective than vinegar at removing built-up minerals.

8. Does vinegar damage the coffee maker?

No, vinegar does not damage the coffee maker. In fact, it can be used to clean the coffee maker and remove any build-up of coffee grounds or oils.

However, you should be sure to rinse the coffee maker thoroughly after cleaning it with vinegar to remove any residual vinegar taste.

9. How often should you clean your coffee maker?

Cleaning your coffee maker regularly is necessary to get the best performance and keep it durable. Depending on how often you use your coffee machine, you should clean it once a week or every two weeks.

10. Why do coffee makers stop working?

There are several reasons why your coffee maker might stop working, such as:

-It’s unplugged: Always check to see if your coffee maker is plugged in. If it’s not, plug it in and see if that solves the problem.

-The coffee maker is turned off: Another possibility is that your coffee maker is turned off. Check to see if the power switch is in the “on” position. If it’s not, turn it on and see if that solves the problem.

-The water reservoir is empty: A coffee maker won’t work if there’s no water in the reservoir. Make sure the reservoir is filled with water before you try to use the coffee maker.

-There’s no coffee in the filter: If there’s no coffee in the filter, the water will just flow through the coffee maker without being filtered. Be sure to add coffee to the filter before you turn on the coffee maker.

-The carafe is not in place: A coffee maker won’t work if the carafe is not properly in place. Make sure the carafe is seated correctly on the warming plate before you turn on the coffee maker.

-The filter basket is clogged: If the filter basket is clogged, water will not be able to flow through it. Clean the filter basket and try again.

11. How do you know when you need a new coffee maker?

Your coffee maker is probably one of the hardest-working appliances in your kitchen. It’s important to clean it regularly to keep it running smoothly and prevent any build-up of mold or bacteria.

If you notice any changes in the taste of your coffee, it might be time for a descale. This will remove any limescale or mineral deposits that have built up inside the machine.

If your coffee maker is more than five years old, it might be time for an upgrade. Newer models have energy-saving features and improved brewing times.

12. Do coffee makers get moldy?

Mold can grow in coffee makers, just like any other appliance where there is moisture. The warm, moist environment inside a coffee maker is the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. When these spores land on wet surfaces, they start to grow and multiply.

To prevent mold from growing in your coffee maker, you should clean it regularly. Descaling it with a coffee maker cleaner will also help to keep mold at bay.

13. Do percolators make better coffee?

Percolators make great coffee, but they require more time and effort to brew a pot. If you’re looking for a fast cup of coffee, an electric coffee maker is a better option.

14. How long should a cheap coffee maker last?

You might think that a coffee maker is not a big deal since it is just a brewing machine. However, it can be an expensive investment as some models can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, you will want to make sure that your coffee maker lasts for years so that you don’t have to spend money on a new one anytime soon.

When it comes to the lifespan of a coffee maker, it really depends on the brand, model, and how you take care of it.

In general, a well-maintained coffee maker can last up to 5 years or even longer. On the other hand, if you don’t clean it regularly, it might only last for a year or two.

Final Thoughts

So you have gone through our best coffee maker under 50 dollars reviews. In short, these machines can all quickly deliver a cup of coffee with rich taste whenever you want.

Of which, we consider the CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker as our winner for its exceptional performance in fast brewing, compact design, and ease of use and cleaning. 

The machine also boasts a single button descaling button to handle limestone buildup for a fresh coffee taste. Moreover, the Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker is also a great coffee maker. 

It outweighs other products for its warm heater that can keep your coffee hot for hours after brewing. It also has four brew options of iced coffee, bold, regular, and 1-4 cups for you to choose to suit your demand. 

Anyway, we hope this article is helpful for your consideration. Thank you for reading.

Almost 20 years already spent committed to coffee and more than 3 years of experience as a barista at Starbucks. Madelyn Doyle graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Science from the University of California and finished the Coffee Skills Program at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).