5 Reasons Why Is Siphon Coffee Better?

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There are many ways to brew a good cup of scorching hot coffee: French press, drip coffee makers, espresso machines, pour-over coffee makers. The Siphon coffee brewer is a novel way to create coffee that has only recently become available at specialty coffee houses in several parts of the world. 

Siphon coffee is a traditional brewing manual technique, demanding precise temperature control, attention, and skill.

Read on this article, since we will provide you with thorough information about the topic – Is siphon coffee better?

Overview Of Siphon Coffee

Siphon coffee might be a strange phrase to you, as it was not a popular coffee type in the world before. It has recently become more well-known as a phenomenal coffee trend in many other countries such as France, the United States, or Japan. However, this coffee is not a new craze; it is a century-old brewing technology making a big comeback.

The Siphon coffee method was first developed in the 1830s when people realized that boiling the coffee grounds was crucial for its flavor destruction. So they tried to create an alternative method to brew coffee with vapor pressure. The obtained results were up to their expectations since some experts declared it to be the best brew available.

Top 5 Reasons Make Siphon Coffee Better

1. It Produces The Best Coffee Flavor

Followers of this method claim it tastes better. Boiling water is frequently accused of destroying coffee flavor, and while it may appear that water is boiling in a Siphon coffee maker, it is not. It is only a few degrees short of boiling. You should not misunderstand this point.

2. It’s A Super Sensory Experience

Watching the process stimulates visual interest and raises your senses much more than a normal drip coffee maker. Consequently, you will feel like the coffee tastes better, as you can see art and science in action.

3. Users Can Control Variables

Unlike traditional pod coffee, Siphon coffee makers allow consumers to adjust the strength of their coffee by adding in as much or little coffee grounds as they want. It is also simple to brew multiple cups simultaneously, depending on how large the Siphon coffee maker is.

One of the key reasons making Siphon brewing lovers believes it is the finest is temperature control. But this is not easy to judge by eyes. You had better look for a Siphon maker that serves you with a perfect cup every time without temperature guesswork.

4. The Coffee’s Aroma Is More Intense

The coffee’s aroma becomes retained inside the globe mechanism, influencing flavor and producing a clean, crisp, and vivid tasting coffee that a conventional drip-maker can not replicate.

5. You Can Use One At Home

There are currently tons of Siphon coffee brewers for use at home available in the market. These remove the barriers to practicing this method of coffee brewing for typical people. There is no need for any prior knowledge. Add coffee and water before flipping a switch.

How Does A Siphon Coffee Maker Work?

Siphon coffee is one of the most remarkable methods of producing prime drinks. If you enjoy putting on a show for your friends when cooking for them, you should not miss this coffee maker.

Siphon coffee makers consist of two parts – the upper chamber and the bottom chamber. The upper one brews the coffee, and the bottom takes responsibility for heating the water and captures the final product of precisely brewed and filtered coffee.

Some Siphon coffee makers require an external heat source, such as a butane burner, a halogen heater, an alcohol burner, or a cooktop. In contrast, the others feature a built-in electric heater inside the bottom chamber’s base.

When making Siphon coffee, you should place water in the bottom chamber, then bring it to a boil. Once the water begins to boil, seal the top chamber onto the bottom with an airtight seal.

Boiling water rises to the top chamber, where the brewer adds freshly ground coffee and stirs the mixture for a few moments before turning off the heat source in the bottom chamber. As the hot water in the top vessel cools, it passes through a cloth or paper filter and into the bottom vessel, where it accumulates as delicious, ready-to-serve brewed coffee.

Siphon coffee makers work on a few scientific principles. The first principle, known as Charles’ Law, is that gas expands when it heats up. The steam in a Siphon brewer’s bottom chamber swells, creating vapor pressure, which forces the coffee into the top chamber.

The second scientific principle relates to vacuums. As the bottom vessel cools and the steam compresses, it produces a vacuum that sucks the brewed coffee downward through the filter and into the bottom vessel.

Equipment Required To Get Siphon Coffee

Siphon coffee makers do require specialized equipment, though you may already have some of them on hand.

Siphon Brewer

The siphon brewer will be your highest expense when you decide to switch over to this style of coffee. There is a wide range of available selections for you to choose from in the market.

Whatever you choose, make sure to read their reviews carefully. The Siphon brewer needs to be an excellent machine of prime glass with a stainless steel burner and a strong, easy-to-use stand. 

Coffee Grinder

You may already have a coffee grinder in your kitchen. But if you don’t, you’ll need to buy one for making this coffee. You will have to grind your coffee a little finer to obtain the highest quality as it is a drip-style coffee.

Heat Source

Some Siphon coffee makers work on the stovetop, while others require an external burner. When placing your order, remember to check whether you need to order a burner to brew Siphon coffee.

The Final Thought

Until these last words, we believe you surely have your answer to the above question – Is Siphon Coffee Better? If you cherish a cup of perfection, don’t hesitate to get one for yourself now! It will surely be worth a single buck!

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