What Is White Coffee? Detailed Explanation & 5 Picks For You

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What is white coffee? We are pretty sure this question will strike your mind when you see a product labeled “white coffee.” Today, we will go through all related information about this type of coffee as follows.

  • What is it?
  • Where does it come from?
  • How is white coffee different from black coffee?
  • What does it taste like?
  • How to make white coffee?
  • What are the side effects of white coffee?

Plus, we will share a complete review of the best white coffee products available on the market. Are you eager to know? Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best White Coffee (Updated List)


Wired Willey’s White Coffee

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Poverty Bay Coffee Co White Coffee

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Caffe Appassionato Ground White Coffee

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Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee

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Bargreen Espresso White Ground Coffee

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What Is White Coffee?

Some probably think white coffee is coffee containing milk like white chocolate. Still, white coffee, in fact, refers to the kind of beans utilized for brewing coffee and the roast process of the beans. 

If you wonder if the coffee beans are white, you are right. It is the reason why it is called white coffee. White coffee is also referred to as coffee with milk or light coffee.

In the USA, white coffee beans are roasted until they are brown. As the process for heating doesn’t take long, the organic sugar found in coffee beans is not caramelized. Thus, you still taste the bitterness in white coffee.

About 100 years ago, people recognized that they could improve the low-grade coffee beans by partially roasting them. This coffee roasting process will turn the coffee beans into white color and create a nutty flavor. 

Still, white coffee beans are quite challenging to roast to get the great flavor properly. Roasting beans is like a craft requiring much specialist knowledge to get on the right track. This process regularly leads to many flavor changes and can be ruined easily. 

If you want to get the right balance for roasted white coffee beans, you need to have a large deal of skill. It is worth noting that white coffee isn’t like light roast coffee or blonde roast coffee.

What Is White Coffee Origin?

White coffee has become popular all over the world in recent years. Still, it has already appeared on the market for a long time. White coffee was first invented in the country of Yemen about 100 years ago. 

The white coffee beans are roasted at 325 degrees Fahrenheit and need suitable commercial coffee grinders for grinding as the beans are much denser than conventional roasted coffee. 

The coffee, once brewed, features a pale beige color with a low level of bitterness and a nutty flavor. The coffee is recommended for Espresso use and traditionally served with a spice named Hawaji from Yeoman. 

Hawaij is a spice made with cardamom, turmeric, black pepper, and cumin. This ground spice can enhance the flavor of white coffee brew and has been popular in various countries worldwide. 

It is especially widely used in stews and soups in the Arab area, bringing a spicy flavor to the white coffee. Also, you can taste nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves in the background. 

If you drink a cup of white coffee with Hawaij, you can enjoy an extremely traditional coffee yet taste like no other. The special blend of cardamom, turmeric, black pepper, and cumin paired with the white coffee’s nuttiness creates an amazing coffee experience.

What Are Differences Between Black Coffee & White Coffee?

White coffee is regularly considered to be much healthier than black coffee. The white coffee’s lower roasting temperature increases antioxidant molecules and chlorogenic acid in the coffee. 

These properties are great for lowering inflammation and cardiovascular health. That’s why white coffee is commercialized as a healthier product than black coffee. 

In contrast to conventional black coffee delivering distinctive flavors, it is probably hard to determine the varying tastes of the white beans. There are still differences in white coffee beans attributed to many world regions. 

For instance, the white coffee in Brazil and Colombia have nuttier and milder flavors, while the African beans from Ethiopia and Kenya are slightly more earthy. For aromatic coffee, it is advisable to try Indonesian white coffee beans from Sumatra.

Nevertheless, it is better to order the white coffee by geographical area to meet the flavor of your region.

What Are White Coffee’s Side Effects?

Along with the benefits of drinking white coffee, there are still several side effects as follows.

  • High levels of caffeine in white coffee can increase blood pressure. Thus, it is not a good option for those with regular high blood pressure.
  • Drinking more than 400mg of white coffee per day can lead to complications.
  • Drinking a lot of white coffee can lead to headaches. Even when your body gets used to it, the headache might recur if you stop consuming it.
  • Pregnant women should not drink white coffee as caffeine can slow the growth of the fetus and lead to a miscarriage.

What Is The Taste Of White Coffee?

As mentioned above, white coffee typically tastes much more particular, opposite to black beans having a large assortment of flavors. The tastes of white beans depend on the roasting process and the bean quality. 

White coffee features a nutty and smooth flavor with very low bitterness and pronounced acidity. Besides, its roasting process until a bright brown color lowers the bitterness. 

In particular, the natural sugars of the coffee beans are not caramelized as with black coffee beans roasted with higher heat. In other words, white beans do not deliver a bitter aftertaste. 

Moreover, the beans release the zero evaporation of natural acids to give the bright acidic flavor for the coffee.

White Coffee Caffeine Content

White coffee is widely assumed to have a higher caffeine level than conventional black coffee. Though there are several truths to this, it is still something of a myth. Theoretically, coffee beans will lose more caffeine when they are more roasted. 

In other words, black coffee beans have lower caffeine content, which is partially right. Whereas there is a minor difference in caffeine content, it’s quite minuscule and less noteworthy when comparing the planting process in different areas. 

For example, tall coffee beans planted in Ethiopia deliver more caffeine than those from Brazil. The reason is that these beans sit longer on their trees and gain more nutrients. 

Should you compare the light roast beans to the dark roast ones, you can notice a difference of about 5.4% of the caffeine in the former. It might be a negligible difference, which is not enough to impact the coffee flavor or neurological effect significantly.

How To Roast White Coffee?

The roasting process for white coffee can bring out the flavors of the single-origin coffee beans. They are coffee beans originating in a specific area and not mixed with any other beans. 

These coffee beans come with unique characteristics gently brought out with the light roasting. The introduction of a light roasting process on them is ideal for defining the beans and their origin. 

By roasting the coffee beans at a temperature of about 325 degrees Fahrenheit, the beans come with a distinctive flavor without losing healthy properties.

How To Make White Coffee?

As you might know, white coffee is great for Espresso beverages, thanks to a high concentration of coffee. Below is a small guide on how to make white coffee for your consideration.

  • Step 1: Grind the beans if they aren’t pre-ground.
  • Step 2: Loosely put the coffee ground into the portafilter for Espresso. Remember not to tamp it down.
  • Step 3: Let the water run through the coffee grounds. You should not use the first, do not hesitate to dump it.
  • Step 4: Leave the Espresso portafilter in the coffee maker; run a double or only single shot through the portafilter one more time. This shot is what you will utilize as the Espresso beverage’s base.
  • Step 5: Serve your own Espresso shot from white coffee beans and enjoy!

Things To Consider When Enjoying White Coffee

It is worth noting that white coffee manufacturers regularly use margarine, palm oil, or olive oil to process white coffee beans. So, this kind of coffee includes more unsaturated fat and saturated fat than traditional black coffee. 

Every white coffee cup has about 7 grams of unsaturated fat and 5 grams of saturated fat. Plus, using milk also increases fat content in every single cup of white coffee you consume. 

That’s why if you are trying to lose weight or lower the level of cholesterol, or fat consumption, it is best not to drink much white coffee. Another point you need to consider is the sugar amount in instant white coffee. 

It often has extra sweeteners or sugars. As you might know, excess sugar can boost the risk of causing increased blood sugar, metabolic disorders, increased appetite, and type-2 diabetes. We highly recommend drinking no more than 2 cups of white coffee a day. 

In case you still like drinking instant white coffee, it is advisable to choose products without containing additional sweeteners or sugars.

Best White Coffee Reviews

Wired Willey’s White Coffee – Best Overall

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We prized the Wired Willey’s White Coffee for its deliciously nutty flavor that not much white coffee can offer. You can feel the aromatic, smooth, and flavorful taste right on your tongue bud.

Moreover, as it is extremely lightly roasted, it comes with a low acidity level, making it a healthier option to darker roast coffee. You can add several spices to it, like ginger and cardamom, to enhance the coffee flavor. 

We are so thrilled that we can make our beverages at home with the Wire Willey’s white coffee. There are three size options for you to choose from – 2 pounds, 4 pounds, and 16 oz, meeting different needs of coffee drinkers.

When brewing this white coffee, it is critical not to tamp the power much. The reason is that doing so can deter the best flavor of coffee from coming through and make you disappointed. Rather, remember to choose a loose tamp.

It is worth noting that Wired Willey’s white coffee has the maximum amount of caffeine. So, it is not the right choice for those who seek a coffee with moderate caffeine levels.


  • Deliver deliciously nutty flavor
  • Smooth finish without a bitter aftertaste
  • Extremely lightly roasted for low acidity level
  • Able to add several spices for enhanced coffee flavor
  • Come in three size options


  • Very high caffeine level

Poverty Bay Coffee Co White Coffee – Best For Value

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We cannot forget to mention the Poverty Bay Coffee Co White Coffee on our list. It is a good bang for your bucks. Though it comes at an affordable price, it does not compromise the quality standards much.

The manufacturer uses small-batch micro roasting to ensure the coffee blends are superb in taste. Moreover, thanks to its exclusive roasting process, the white coffee can hold onto more chlorogenic acid and powerful antioxidants, which are good for your health. 

The white coffee stands out with its less discoloration for your teeth. We also like this coffee because it has merely double the caffeine of the fully roasted coffee, which is ideal for those who need more than five hours of energy. 

Plus, the white coffee features a sweet and nutty flavor with a mellow and light finish. You can taste the smoothness without any bitterness on your tongue bud when drinking this coffee.

If you are interested in purchasing quality ground white coffee from a sustainable seller, the Poverty Bay white coffee might be right for you. The manufacturer is completely committed to supporting the local farmers using sustainable planting methods.

That said, some might find the coffee brewed very thin and pale in color


  • Affordable price
  • Small-batch micro roasting to ensure the taste
  • High caffeine to awake energy
  • The sweet and nutty flavor
  • Mellow and light finish
  • Highly smooth without any bitterness


  • Thin taste with pale color

Caffe Appassionato Ground White Coffee – Best For Flavor

View on Amazon

The next position belongs to the Caffe Appassionato Ground White Coffee. This product wins our hearts for its amazing nutty flavor. It is made from 100% Arabica beans and provides a distinct light-bodied and high caffeine coffee experience.

This white coffee is hand-roasted to achieve the desired flavor when brewed, which is quite different from traditional darker roasted coffee. 

Like other white coffee products, it also comes with a low roasting process. Accordingly, it can bring out the aromatic flavor without compromising the beans’ healthy properties.

We also like the consistency of this white coffee ground. The manufacturer utilizes a special commercial grinder to grind coffee beans, improving the consistency to maximize the caffeine and flavor of the coffee. 

And due to its low-temperature roasting process for a long time, the white coffee is quite low in acidity level, making it better for health. It is best to pull and discard the first shot and use the next shot for a smoother and fuller tasting flavor.

That said, we found that the coffee grounds are slightly big and need re-grounding to work with an Espresso maker.


  • An amazing nutty flavor with a distinct coffee experience
  • High-quality standard with 100% Arabica beans
  • High consistency
  • Low in acidity level thanks to lightly roasting


  • Slightly big coffee grounds for Espresso

Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee – Best For Convenience

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Our runner-up is from the famous brand Nescafe – Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee. As it comes in sachets, you can enjoy an aromatic cup of white coffee fast and conveniently anywhere.

As you might know, Nescafe is famous for its convenient coffee products. You will not need to do many things like tamping or brewing to enjoy creamy white coffee.

We also like the Nescafe Ipoh because it delivers an authentic coffee flavor made from Malaysian coffee beans. This coffee blend is flavorsome and aromatic to provide the perfect white coffee taste anytime. It can be served both cold and hot. 

Accordingly, you can treat yourself to a cup of hot white coffee in the cold or chill with ice and enjoy cold white coffee in the summer. Besides, it is an ideal choice for traveling or those who have a tight working schedule as it takes only 30 seconds to make.

You will love the aromatic and creamy white coffee with a rich foam layer of this suggestion, thanks to the lightly roasting process of beans. There are options to meet your preference: Original white coffee and hazelnut.

Frankly, we found that the hazelnut is quite sweet while the original white coffee variant is not bold enough.


  • Ideal for busy people and traveling
  • Feature aromatic Malaysian authentic coffee flavor
  • Served both cold and hot
  • Creamy taste with a rich foam layer


  • Too sweet hazelnut
  • Slightly weak original white coffee

Bargreen Espresso White Ground Coffee – Best For Espresso

View on Amazon

Another great alternative to dark roast coffee is the Bargreen Espresso White Coffee. As its name suggests, it is best suited for Espresso coffee makers. This pre-ground white coffee consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans for high-quality coffee.

Plus, it comes with a special light roasting process, leading in a nutty and mellow without bitterness. Like the products mentioned above, it is high in caffeine while reducing the acid content, making it an ideal option for an extra boost. 

On top of that, you can utilize this coffee to make strong coffee without bitter aftertaste or other types of coffee like latte or Frappe. The only point that undermines the overall performance of this white coffee is its unpleasant smell compared to other products.


  • Ideal for making Espresso coffee
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans for high quality
  • The special light roasting process for a nutty and mellow flavor
  • High in caffeine with low acidity
  • Possibly used for various types of coffee


  • Unpleasant smell

Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Coffee Bad For Your Health?

No, white coffee isn’t bad for your health. It includes all nutrients and antioxidants in traditional black coffee, including chlorogenic acids known for reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Is White Coffee Actual Coffee?

Yes, white coffee is actual coffee. It is just roasted to a lighter level than the coffee beans utilized in traditional coffee. Another notable point is that white coffee is a great ingredient for Espresso coffee and other highly-extracted coffee beverages like Moka pot. 

That’s why you hardly see white coffee in a drip or pour-over coffee.

Is White Coffee The Same As Malaysian White Coffee?

Yes, white coffee is different from Malaysian white coffee. In Malaysia, they roast coffee beans with palm oil margarine before being ground. Then they brew coffee grounds and serve with condensed milk.

Final Thoughts

So you now know the answer to the question, “What is white coffee?” and other interesting details. In a nutshell, white coffee is a great option for those seeking smooth flavor without bitterness. 

Moreover, it contains higher levels of caffeine than regular black coffee. Thanks to a low roasting temperature, white coffee has more chlorogenic acid and antioxidant molecules, good for cardiovascular health and lower inflammation. 

You can consider our five suggested white coffee products. We are confident that they can deliver the incredibly smooth and nutty flavor that you expected. Of which, the Wired Willey’s White Coffee is our best overall. 

This white coffee delivers an aromatic and flavorful taste on your tongue bud, which will not disappoint you. Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for reading.

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